The Modern Greek Academy

The Modern Greek Academy (MGA) is an initiative by the Vlachopoulos Centre for Foreign Languages.

The MGA aims at providing comprehensive tuition in the Modern Greek language and an introduction into Modern Greek culture. The MGA has a tradition in teaching adults the Greek language and culture of today. Throughout the years it has attracted students from the US, the UK, South Africa, Turkey as well as EU citizens who have decided to reside in Greece.

The MGA offers summer courses which provide a unique immersion experience into the Greek language and culture. We can assist individuals or groups with finding suitable accommodation on the island for the duration of their stay.

We offer both tuition in groups and one to one tuition. We also provide tailor made solutions for student groups from US universities wishing to spend a month in a beautiful part of Greece – enjoying themselves while experiencing the language and culture of modern Greece.

The MGA is situated on the beautiful holiday island of Corfu in the Ionian Sea. The MGA is in the town centre and offers easy access to all the major sights, the incredible beaches and bus stations.

Students or organizations interested in our program should contact us with a description of their needs and we will come back to them.

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